DIRECTOR: The Jewish Family Institute

In America today, there are few individuals who not only have the ability but are willing to sacrifice themselves for the future of Klal Yisroel in America. The silent holocaust of American Jewry finds only a handful of dedicated Bnei Torah struggling to save lives on the front lines of America. The facts are frightening. Over one million Jewish children (54%) are being raised as non-Jews. 625,000 American Jews are practicing other religions. Nearly two million American Jews no longer acknowledge their Jewishness. Until a year ago, people spoke about the immensity of the problem, and now, the hard cold statistics are in our hands.

Each neshoma we reach is of immeasurable value. Ironically, in the major center of Jewish population in America, New York, there is a dearth of dedicated Kiruv professionals. One of the shining and stellar lights in Jewish Outreach today, is your esteemed director of the Center, Rabbi Yitzchak Rudomin. When outreach professionals think about who is accomplishing the work of Kiruv in one of America's most famous centers, Wall Street, the name of Rabbi Rudomin is known to all.

Rabbi Rudomin's professionalism combined with a caring heart, and a willingness to work day and night, has placed the Center on the map as a model for what truly can he accomplished in outreach in the business community.

As a member of the Board of Trustees of The Association for Jewish Outreach Professionals and someone who has been involved in Kiruv for over 15 years, I'm writing to you to not only affirm my respect and support to Rabbi Rudomin, but also to underscore his accomplishments which you have so ably supported. It is my hope that you will continue to provide the financial environment necessary in order that Rabbi Rudomin can continue to expand his noble efforts and become an even greater beacon of light for Jews seeking Torah.



Rabbi Yehudah Fine
Director: The Jewish Family Institute

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